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Nordic Blading.

Nordic Blading is an extremely effective form of exercise which employs special poles to train the muscles of the upper body. As a completely new and exhilarating way of achieving all-round fitness, Nordic Blading is presently enjoying a boom in popularity.

The poles bring extra speed to blading. By learning the basic pole thrusts you can both increase your speed and develop your upper body strength. The numerous benefits of cross-country skiing are well known. These same benefits may also be achieved through Nordic Blading. For those with more modest fitness goals Nordic Blading offers a safe alternative to regular blading as the poles provide two additional points of support. It is easier and safer to stop during rapid movements thanks to the support provided by the poles. The use of poles also increases energy consumption as additional muscle groups are worked. In Nordic Blading effort is distributed between all the major muscle groups. The arms, shoulders and chest muscles are worked while the abdominals become firmer. Whereas the upper torso remains relatively passive during regular blading, Nordic Blading serves to increase both the strength and endurance of the upper body muscles.

Nordic Blading:
Increases speed and exercise value
  • a comprehensive form of exercise for all the main muscle groups of the body

    Improves balance

  • the poles provide two additional points of support

    Facilitates forward motion

  • especially uphill stretches

    In comparison with regular blading, Nordic Blading increase:

  • The number of working muscle groups
  • Upper body muscle groups
  • Energy consumption
  • greater volume of working muscle mass
  • Oxygen uptake
  • Heart rate increases


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