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Make your hobby into a second job a β€œwalk in the park” – become a Nordic Walking instructor.

People learn Nordic Walking for a variety of reasons. Whether it is because they want stay healthy, get fit, reduce their weight, become more mobile or simply enjoy the great outdoors, learning the correct technique has a significant impact on the benefits and enjoyment people get from Nordic Walking.

Being a Nordic Walking Instructor, helping people achieve their goals and get more enjoyment from their walk can be extremely rewarding.

The American Nordic Walking Association ANWA sets the standards for how Nordic Walking is taught and practiced, and develops the education material used for Nordic Walking Instructor training around the World.

As the global extension NordicWalkingOnline provides the only ANWA accredited training course for Nordic Walking Instructors, taught in accordance with their standards

We conduct and organize regular workshops, Certification Seminars on listed location worldwide as well remote online training via our Trainings-Academy.

ANWA, The American Nordic Walking Association represented by one head organization in the United States. This head organization cooperates with other associations and organizations on a national and international basis. If you cannot find an ANWA Representative in your state, please feel free to contact ANWA directly, for further information. ANWA can help you to develop Nordic Walking in your state.

ANWA, The American Nordic Walking Association is working with some carefully selected industrial partners. These partners present the highest level of performance in sporting goods, sporting clothes and gear, or related accessories suitable for Nordic Walking. Main cooperation partners are presented on this website with links to their own websites. ANWA also works with and offers its services to the sporting goods industry and other institutions related to well-being. If your company is interested in cooperating, please contact ANWA directly.

We can help to expand and promote Nordic Walking in your Community. On a daily basis we receive inquiries for conducting Nordic Walking Training Seminars throughout the USA & Canada.  ANWA is the authority for Nordic Walking in North America and we're here to help you become properly trained and certified and help others to do the same. Whether you're an individual, personal trainer, health and fitness or medical professional, or you already have a Nordic Walking school or club - ANWA can help!

We will partner with you and will coordinate to have a Certified ANWA Instructor present at your location. This conveniently allows you to receive the best possible Nordic Walking training in your own community. If your objective is also to grow your own business, you'll benefit greatly from the increased marketing, media and potential financial growth opportunities this seminar creates!

If you'd like to partner with ANWA to host a Nordic Walking Basic Instructor Certification Seminar or a Nordic Walking Guide Workshop in your area, we'd love to hear from you!


There are multiple streams of income available:

  1. Teaching Classes    2) Sales 3) Instructor Leaders