Your best option would be signing up for an ANWA Corporate Membership for getting your 13 Therapists for your Wellness - Medical Team professionally trained and certified at best possible terms.

1) ANWA Corporate Membership: 

The Costs are: $1,000.00 for 1year offering discounted Group pricing which includes

a) Online Training and Certification procedure - receiving Diploma after passing test - ANWA offers the highest technical training standard and our mission is to promote and expand Nordic walking worldwide.

Part 1: Technique via Video controlled individual Analysis before - after  / Every Participant will receive as the reference Video - the digital version of our Instructional Video

Part 2: Theory - written Exam

b) Business opportunity and Marketing support - we will help and support you to promote and expand further Nordic Walking in Georgia - also 

“ You have not to invent the wheel again” and can benefit from our know how what we are already doing successfully world-wide since over 15 years. 

Our long-term experience tells us that qualified Instructors will grow and succeed when they have the necessary tools -professional training and support.

Which means your certified and professionally trained Instructors can conducting classes /workshops /Certification seminars. 

You can put further on your website the ANWA logo that your team is trained and certified by ANWA which gives you more creditability.

It will be a great addition to integrate Nordic Walking as an efficient Full - Body workout your provided services of the Bioli Medical-Wellness Resort.

2) Costs for the Online Certification Training:

Nino, since you have a group of 13 people we can offer you then the highest possible Group discount which is 50% off the individual Certification Trainings costs for Basic - Advanced - Professional Level.

As explained ANWA usually does not allow to jump from the beginning already to the next higher level - but since you told me that your team practice Nordic Walking since 4 Years - we can certify 10 people for the Advanced level Costs $ 349.00 person - Your price then $ 175.00 per Person

As discussed we can certify 3 people of your team who have already more Nordic Walking Experience and since I will train personally train your Team we can communicate in English or in German Language.

The costs for the Professional Level is: $ 488.00 per person - Your price then $ 244.00 per Person

Nino, I was sending on April 19th - just shortly before our Skype call an email with an example how the Online procedure usually works and further details we had then discussed personally via Skype. 

3) Summary of Costs:

a) ANWA Corporate Membership: $ 1,000.00

b) 3x Certification Training Professional Level: 3x $ 244.00 = $ 732.00 

c) 10 Certification Training Advanced Level:    10x$ 175.00 = $ 1,750.00

Total: $ 3,482.00

When payment is received we can get started right away and will provide instruction for the next steps.

Nino, please check with your Financial Department of the Bioli Medical-Wellness Resort and get back to me via email or let’s speak via Skype when you still would have any remaining questions.