Provide participants with a fundamental knowledge in Nordic Walking

10 Lesson Seminar:Part 1 Practice & Technique & Part 2 Theory with written exam.
Seminar prepares participant to instruct Nordic Walking according to ANWA's unique, and proven methods. The objective of the Advanced Seminar is to provide participants with expanded knowledge in Nordic Walking training and advanced techniques and teaching skills for conducting classes and workshops.

Advanced Training

Seminar $349.00

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Topics to be covered during the Advanced Certification seminar include:

  • Review, refresh and improve upon all topics previously covered during the ANWA Basic Seminar, in preparation for the Advanced level.

  • Nordic Walking advanced techniques, including Nordic Walking – Jogging – Jumping – Skating; Interval Training; and Advanced Exercises, including games, fun, and play.

  • Individual analysis of your personal Nordic Walking technique, and personalized coaching to ensure an improved, consistent, and professional technique meeting ANWA guidelines.

  • Correcting and examining participant’s performance demonstrating the unique teaching method of ANWA's 8 Steps to properly learn Nordic Walking.

  • Correction of technique by video analysis.

  • How to conduct and organize classes and workshops.

  • Available ANWA resources for Marketing and support.

  • Information how ANWA will help qualified Advanced Instructors build their own Nordic Walking business with ANWA support, and assist the participant in realizing the potential of the fastest growing sport in the world.

The following prerequisites are required in order to attend an Advanced Instructor Certification Seminar:

• Completion of one ANWA certification seminar.
• 3-4 months training as ANWA Basic Instructor.
• Willingness to teach and promote Nordic Walking in partnership with ANWA.

What is provided during the Seminar?

Nordic Walking Poles will be available for your use.
Nordic Walking Related Products and Accessories will also be available.

What do you need to bring?

Sport Shoes, Outdoor Clothing, Sunscreen

What is included in the Seminar cost?

  1. Instruction in theory and practice.

  2. Printed Workshop Materials.

  3. Certification (dependent upon passing Instructor Certification Exam)

  4. Exclusive, discounted pricing for the newest, top quality Nordic Walking Poles (dependent upon passing Instructor Certification Exam)